Jason Reeve: VAFHO Expo Speaker

Jason Reeve joined Ancestry in August 2016 as the Content Manager for Australia and New Zealand. A passionate advocate for all things history, Jason works closely with a range of archives, registries, historical & genealogical societies to uncover new record collections and share them with the Ancestry community.

Come and hear Jason presenting at the VAFHO Family History Expo in Hamilton at 11.30 am, Saturday 1st June 2019.

Title: Using Ancestry.com for Family History & An Introduction to AncestryDNA (Including Q&A)

Precis: Have you heard of Ancestry.com? Why should you use it? How can you find the help you need to overcome obstacles with your research and where does AncestryDNA fit in to the picture? Join Jason Reeve, Ancestry.com’s Content Acquisition Manager for Australia and New Zealand as he explains using Ancestry, taking an AncestryDNA test and discovering your own family history.

Submitted on behalf of Jason Reeve : Speaker at the VAFHO Family History Expo, Hamilton, 1 June 2019.


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