AUS-VIC Mailing List

If you want to join another Mailing List on these step-by-step procedures will help with any Mailing List – just replace AUS-VIC with the name of the Mailing List.

Examples of some former Rootsweb lists I have set up:

The new AUS-VIC Mailing List to replace the about-to-be defunct AUS-VIC Rootsweb Mailing List is now up and running at
Go to the website and click on FIND or CREATE A GROUP
In the SEARCH box enter AUS-VIC

If you are looking for another group, search for the group name or keywords – eg. “family history” aus* – this search will find groups with the phrase family history and any word starting with aus.  Other search options – Rootsweb, genealogy, “local history” – be creative!

There may be more than 1 Mailing List with this prefix.  SELECT the AUS-VIC list (or the one you want)
You will be given the home page of the selected Mailing List.
Scroll to the BOTTOM of the Home page – read the information on the way – and CLICK on the + Join This Group button.

NOTE: there is NO COST involved and no credit card details are required.

Enter your Email Address then click on the Confirm Email Address button.

You will be sent an email to confirm your email address.

You should also receive a Welcome email.

The next screen that appears explains the next steps – READ IT!
This is what your WELCOME email looks like.
If you click on the Group link in your WELCOME email, you may see this Welcome message with your next stops.

If you see CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT and you haven’t received your CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS email, just click on the link HAVE ANOTHER ONE SENT TO YOU and follow the instructions in the email.

If you make some changes or try to access the AUS-VIC Group another way, you may see this PINK BAR at the top of the screen saying your account is not confirmed.

If you haven’t received your CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS email, just click on the link to SEND ANOTHER CONFIRMATION EMAIL

This is how your CONFIRMATION Email should appear in your email list
This is the detail of your CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Make sure you click on the link near the bottom – CONFIRM ACCOUNT.


If you still haven’t received your CONFIRMATION EMAIL, click on the Group link in your WELCOME EMAIL.

And don’t forget to check your SPAM folder.

When you have successfully CONFIRMED your email, you will see this screen.

Make sure you check out the different options and complete them.

ALWAYS remember to scroll to the bottom of any page where you make changes and CLICK on SAVE – see next image.

There are many ways to receive messages / posts from the Mailing List!

And remember to SAVE.

You will only need to set up your Email Address once.  Make sure you update your Profile and password.  This will become your LOGIN for and you can subscribe to any lists of interest with this same LOGIN.

Once you’ve subscribed to more than one list, look at YOUR GROUPS on the top menu bar.  From the drop-down list select the list you want to go to or even better, if you click on MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTIONS which gives you an excellent page full of consolidation information on each of your groups.  From here you can click on any Group which has the same effect as selecting that Group from the drop-down list.

If you have joined a group, go to the home page (see instructions above), and there is an email link for the GROUP OWNER of this Mailing List.  This link will also appear at the bottom of messages / posts.

If you have any other questions that are not for the GROUP OWNER, JUST ASK here on our VAFHO Contact Us form.

Our new Mailing List has some added bonuses not available on Rootsweb:

  • You can include attachments – do this ONLY when needed, otherwise I’ll delete them as they use up the allocated free storage space
  • Attachments have been restricted to 500Kb – I’ll monitor how things go with this setting.
  • Images / logos in signatures should be removed as they also count as “photos”.
  • Attachments can be helpful to fellow Mailing List members when a screen shot may help
  • Messages to this list should adhere to the guidelines on the home page BUT I will be lenient as we all learn to use this new Mailing List platform.  Think about sending to the GROUP OWNER instead.
  • There is an Admin’s Calendar – I will be adding some events to the Calendar and send out periodic notifications as the event gets closer.
  • Subscribers can select their own preferred settings for messages – see SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS.
  • There are complete Archives which can be displayed in various orders as well as searched.
There are heaps of different features – I may implement some more down the track but in the meantime, you don’t have to worry about sending posts in Plain Text.  Individual subscribers who are concerned at the size of messages can select the PLAIN DIGEST option under your SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS.
ENJOY our new Mailing List