Vic BDMs – Monday 6th May update

Today I had an excellent meeting with the Victorian Registry of BDMs in Melbourne.

There is some really exciting news to come but not yet – just need a few more facts and figures but it will be worth waiting for!

The big reassurance from today – the data you could access in searches in the previous online system WILL be available in the new online system.

Tonight I’ve already worked through a number of lengthy emails plus some replies to various comments from fellow users so I confess to feeling a little weary at this stage!

I’ll leave updating the list of items till tomorrow or Wednesday after I’ve had a chance to catch my breath but there are at least two more items to tick off the list as being done – so definitely progress.

A few things have to be prioritised but we’re looking at something like a special email address for reporting problems receiving certificates that have been paid for.  Obviously it is high priority to identify why this is happening and stop it from happening but short term we can at least set up a process that doesn’t require users to wait hours on the phone (if they can get through).  There is a “contact us” form but it appears that some people have had difficulties with that so as soon as a process can be established we’ll post it here.

There are also big gaps in data that over recent years was progressively being added or updated.  That includes the expansion of the four-character place names.  As you can see a lot have been done but that is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

Spouses appearing on Death records was another data update that was occurring gradually and had only been entered for a few years and not all records in those years.

Later this year the Registry will look at expanding their team of volunteers to continue with this progressive data capture and I’m sure there are many users out there who will be putting their hands up to help with this ongoing project.  VAFHO hopes to be able to report on this initiative when we get to that stage of the project.

Today was the beginning – the Registry will be communicating with VAFHO via email and providing us with specific information on updating the online system to be published on our blog.

We have also agreed to an ongoing monthly face-to-face meeting – for as long as is needed to iron out the last of any issues.

At the start of our meeting today the Registrar of BDMs popped in to say thank you for VAFHO’s involvement – it was important to the Registry.  VAFHO’s involvement means your involvement – I did say that I had an excellent meeting and everything discussed today gave me confidence that we’re all heading the right direction.

More to come after my brain has a rest!


  1. Thanks for all the hard work.

    I’m really hoping they sort the delivery system out. My last order placed on 23 April for three uncertified downloads has been partially completed. I’m still waiting for the Marriage Certificate I ordered. I hope I don’t have to resort to chasing it though I have found in the past the email system has worked well.

    I had noted improvements in the searching functions from the first iteration so let’s hope they continue to make positive progress.


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