Irish Ancestry Group (IAG)

THE IRISH ANCESTRY GROUP is a service group of the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV).  We have quarterly meetings with a speaker and a discussion circle.  Check out the GSV website under “ACTIVITIES” to find out more.

Maureen and Beryl will be at the VAFHO day to help you with those interminable brick walls.  Ireland is full of them.  We won’t guarantee to find the answers to all of your questions, but we can certainly guide you along the right path.

We have a Beginner’s Kit and a Griffiths Valuation Kit for sale on the day at $10.00 for the first and $7.00 for the second.

But if you’ve knocked down all of your brick walls already, do come by just to say hello and maybe have a skite about your successes.   Your research may help someone else.


Come and visit us at the VAFHO Family History Expo .  See you there!

The Irish Ancestry Group (IAG)



Meeting Address: Genealogical Society of Victoria, Meeting room, Level 6, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne.

Postal Address: Irish Ancestry Group, c/- Genealogical Society of Victoria, Level 6, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Submitted by Beryl O’Gorman for the Irish Ancestry Group (IAG): exhibitor at the VAFHO Family History Expo, Sale, 21 April 2018.


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