VIC Registry of BDMs ARE listening

Following on from our ‘Interim Advice’ blog on the status of the new web site of the Victorian Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages, VAFHO is excited to give you this update.

Your VAFHO representative is meeting personally with a senior manager at the Registry.  This is happening next Monday (6th May) and the purpose of the meeting is to:

  • review the current status of the website
  • review the planned progression of the website
  • establish the process for official updates to be provided to VAFHO
  • confirm the process for VAFHO to distribute this information to Family History organisations and researchers

It is hoped that this will assist the Registry with the heavy load of phone calls and emails that have arisen since the launch of the new website.

This should also ease the frustration of Family History researchers who have been trying to contact the Registry.

No-one, including the Registry is happy with the current situation and they are keen to open up communication channels.

Family History organisations are encouraged to follow this blog for updates and are also encouraged to distribute the information to their own members.

Some progress has definitely been made since our previous blog and I’ll highlight that progress below – if people have identified problems not included in this list, please Contact VAFHO using our Contact Us form.

There are some exciting things happening in the background and we look forward to when the Victorian online Family History search is the BEST in Australasia.  It was before and it will be so again!

The following data and functionality have been identified as currently missing or an issue:


  • NEW – <Unknown Family Name> on birth and death records is redundant and misleading.
  • NEW – Data shown on Search Results screen is not shown on Records detail screen.
  • NEW – previously records viewed in Detail were shaded when you returned to results screen – helped know which ones had been viewed.
  • NEW – some users are experiencing difficulty doing any searches – this is possibly a browser issue – try refreshing your browser or try this link –
  • Given name variations missing – previously you could search for John and get Jno; George and get Geo; Thomas and get Thos; Jas and get James and vice versa etc.
  • PLACE OF EVENT (where it does appear) shows as PLACE, Australia – if Australia must be included it should also include Victoria.  It’s obvious that it’s Victoria as you’re searching Victorian BDMs BUT adding just Australia can add to the confusion.
  • BACK button (when viewing a record) takes you back to PAGE 1 regardless of which page you came from.


  • Mother (Parent 1) doesn’t show GIVEN NAME(S) – GIVEN NAME(S) NOW SHOWING.


  • BOTH marriage entries are being shown in Reverse – Spouse 1 with Spouse 2 then Spouse 2 with Spouse 1 – this doubles the number of entries you are required to search.
  • PLACE OF BIRTH is missing for all entries for both spouses.
  • PLACE OF MARRIAGE was progressively being added to Marriage entries, currently missing.


  • Missing AGE – impossible to identify which certificate to order when there is no indication of age of deceased – now showing for all records.
  • Missing PLACE OF BIRTH from earliest until part way through 1880 was show on previous search and Digger – partly solved – showing for deaths up to c.1880 and deaths from c1936 onwards.
  • Mother (Parent 1) doesn’t show given name – GIVEN NAME(S) NOW SHOWING.
  • NAME OF SPOUSE – was progressively being added to Death entries – now missing – now showing <Unknown Family Name> – column in place ready for data.

As you can see, progress is being made – follow this blog to keep up-to-date with future progress.

VAFHO urges all users who may contact the Victorian Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages to be polite and constructive!


    • I am having difficulty logging on to the site. Takes 3 /4 attempts and I get this massage.
      Sorry – our system is experiencing a technical problem. Please try again later. (Error code: {{errorCode}})


      • Hi Sue – this has been reported and added to the list – unfortunately it appears to be a random problem so is proving difficult to pin down. It is being worked on. I find that after it appears the first time, I click on the BDM Logo in top left hand corner and try again from there and generally seem to get it the second time. See if that option helps at all.


  1. i find it extremly hardto log into vic bdm indexes – ill find it once after a search and then if i lose it im having trouble logging again – why cant it be made easier in how to find family search for bdms nsw is a lot easier


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