Victorian Railway employees – another gift from VAFHO

Michael Menzies was the guest speaker at a recent Geelong Family History Group Meeting.  As well as sharing his in-depth knowledge of everything connected to Victorian Railways, Michael is sharing a number of items from his personal Railway History collection. (The image on the right is of the Meredith Railway Station source: State Library of Victoria FL10206652.)

He is lending various documents, registers and manuscripts to VAFHO to be scanned, converted to text searchable PDF files, and uploaded to our VAFHO Google Drive.

In the interim, with Michael’s assistance, we have identified the specific Victorian Government Gazettes which included full lists of Railway Employees – these have been downloaded from and converted to fully text searchable PDF files.

The Victorian Railways Report 1884-1886 was provided by Michael as there were many pages of Railway contractors and employees – this is also available for free download.

Michael also intends to share with us a manuscript he is producing which highlights the number of PRIVATE Railways in early Victoria and where there may be some reference to those employees who are not part of the Government Railways employees.

So what is VAFHO’s gift to family & local historians?

You can download for free these PDF files that include lists of Victorian Railway employees:

  • Victorian Government Gazette 1884 – 46 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1887 – 50 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1890 – 76 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1893 – 58 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1896 – 96 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1899 – 102 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1902 – 116 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1905 – 112 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1908 – 118 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1911 – 130 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1914 – 180 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1918 – 166 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1921 – 162 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1924 – 250 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1926 – 238 pages
  • Victorian Government Gazette 1929 – 256 pages
  • Victorian Railways Report 1884-1886 – 32 pages (Contractors, Removal of Employees, Appointment of Employees.)

One of the ‘Aims & Purposes’ of VAFHO is: To promote and arrange easier public access to public records and record repositories throughout Victoria.  The Victorian Railways employees collection is yet another example of VAFHO providing better access to information for your research.

How to access these Indexes

The fully text searchable PDF files have been uploaded to VAFHO’s Google Drive.  The link below will give you access to the files.

A few guidelines of what you are or are not permitted to do:

  • You MAY NOT sell these files
  • You MAY NOT charge for searches of these files
  • You MAY NOT share the link to VAFHO’s Google Drive
  • You MAY download and store these files on your society’s or your personal computer
  • You MAY share the link to this Blog for other’s to access the link and the files
  • You WILL ENJOY and BENEFIT from using these files!

More access to databases and indexes will be available to people coming to the VAFHO Family History Expo.

VAFHO – Victorian Association of Family History Organisations

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Submitted on behaf of VAFHO: organiser of the VAFHO Family History Expo, Hamilton, 1 June 2019.

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