Centre for Gippsland Studies (CGS)

Centre for Gippsland Studies: Federation University, Churchill

The Centre for Gippsland Studies is a Library / Archive and Research Centre, established in 1985.  It holds published works, manuscript material, Journals, photographs, maps and more.  Many are the only copies held in Gippsland.  It also holds extensive unique material for the former township of Yallourn.  [Photo: Author Sue Kennedy, recently donating a copy of her latest book, On the prospect: a comprehensive historical timeline of the district known as Seaspray, to Professor Erik Eklund, Director of the Centre for Gippsland Studies]

The Centre has just re-opened, after a lengthy closure, in an expanded space.  The Library / Archive is now managed by the University Library, but has its own entrance across the corridor from the old Centre, where the Director of the Research Centre is located.

Members of the public are welcome to access the collection, with regular open hours of 10am to 2pm on Wednesdays.  Appointments may be made at other times, if staff are available.  The Library / Archive is managed by Dr Kay Steel, Manager, Research and Strategic Projects.

The Research Centre has a number of students undertaking PhD and Masters research on Gippsland topics.  The Director is Professor Erik Eklund.

The Centre for Gippsland Studies will be represented at the Expo by Linda Barraclough, who is a member of the Centre’s Community Advisory Committee.  She will be found somewhere near the CGS banner / Gippsland Local History Books.

At the Expo, you can check the catalogue, which includes the manuscript material that is not listed online and discuss the best way to plan for your visit to maximum effect.

Donations of published family histories that contain significant Gippsland material are most welcome.  They will then be listed online through the University catalogue, which is searchable in Trove, and become part of the University’s permanent collection.  You can bring copies to the Expo, deliver to the Centre on a visit, or post to:

Centre for Gippsland Studies
Federation University

Address : Northways Road, Churchill

Website: Centre for Gippsland Studies / Research Centre

Website : Library / Archive – this has links to catalogues

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gippslandstudies/

Submitted by Linda Barraclough for Centre for Gippsland Studies : exhibitors at the VAFHO Family History Expo, Sale, 21 April 2018.


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