Catch the train to VAFHO Family History Expo – Sale, 2018

Have you thought about a leisurely train trip from Melbourne to Sale for the VAFHO Family History Expo to be held on Saturday 21st April, 2018?

Start planning and booking NOW to ensure you don’t miss out.  [Image relating to the Sale Railway Social Club from Museums Victoria Railway web site.]

Check out the VLINE Timetable.

Have you got a Victorian free off-peak travel voucher?  Some services are a combination of train and coach but for train only services, here’s how you could use it and travel to the Expo:

  1. Depart Melbourne Friday 20th at 1.20 pm, arrive Sale at 4.13 pm OR
  2. Depart Melbourne Saturday 21st at 7.25 am, arrive Sale at 10.18 am
  3. Depart Sale  Saturday 21st at 5.27 pm, arrive Melbourne 8.19 pm OR
  4. Depart Sale Sunday 22nd at 8.32 am OR 2.05 pm OR 5.27 pm, arrive Melbourne 11.30 am OR 5.10 pm OR 8.19 pm

Options 2 and 3 would get you to and from Sale on Saturday 21st without having to arrange accommodation in Sale.  That means you would get FREE travel, NO accommodation costs, and just $15.00 to attend the Expo!  Now that’s what I call a bargain.

Alternatively spend a bit of time exploring Sale – nice flat terrain for exploring on foot, but I’m sure local groups will suggest local options.

NOTE: The above trains meet the requirements for Free OFF-PEAK travel for those with a Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card (DSP or CAR type) or Carer Card.

For those who don’t have vouchers, you can still have an information filled visit to the VAFHO Family History Expo at Sale for a cheap and relaxing price.

Contact VAFHO for details on booking your entry to the Expo – put the word EXPO in the Attention field.


    • I’m afraid I cannot help with anything local, as I am not on the spot. Perhaps, assuming you have local contacts involved in organising, they can see if there is a community bus available, that a volunteer can drive.
      I’m wondering if there would be anyone coming from the east (Bairnsdale) by train, although that would be less likely. 🙂


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