BDM – ask an expert option

Has anyone tried the Victorian BDM – Ask A Family History Expert option?

On their website:

Ask a Family History expert

Need help with your search? Our genealogy experts can help with your search or perform the search for you.

Fees start at $60, depending how many people you want us to search for. Each package includes at least one certificate image. Learn more about the inclusions and fees for Ask a Family History expert

To Ask an Expert:

  • Email your request to (External link)
  • Include the person’s:
    • Name (surname and first name). If you’re unsure about the spelling, note this in your email. We’ll check minor variations
    • Date and place of birth, death or marriage
    • Any other relevant details.

One of our genealogy experts will contact you within a week to discuss.

Alternatively, you can try your own search above.

As they say, you can do your own search but for those not familiar with searching Victorian BDMs this could be a good alternative.

As with any paid research, there are no guaranteed results but this could be a really good option for some.

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