Ancestry @ Home via Victorian Libraries

IMPORTANT: ONLY available while libraries are closed!

Ancestry have been allowing libraries with the Ancestry Library Edition to give their library members access from home!

The State Library of Victoria have TODAY activated this option so if you have your SLV card, just Sign In and got to Databases for access.

NOTE: I wasn’t able to get it working on Chrome but it worked fine on Firefox.

I can also access Ancestry @ Home through my library card for Geelong Regional Library Corporation and that one worked fine on Chrome.

So if you have problems, just try another browser.


UPDATE: Now also available on NLA

Have had a reply from NLA and while the library is closed you DO have access to Ancestry @ Home

Currently, remote access to Ancestry is via the library’s catalogue record only. To access, click on the link for online access found within the catalogue record and login with your user id (found on the back of your National Library card) and your surname. If you do not have a National Library card you can apply for one via our Get a Library card webpage.

NOTE:  Again I have problems with Chrome and/or my security accessing Ancestry from NLA but it works OK with Firefox.


  1. I have sent a request to Central Highlands Libraries in Ballarat as to whether w can log into Ancestry but no answer at all


  2. I sent the SLV one yesterday (Sunday) and they replied mid morning this morning. Didn’t need to send a message to Geelong Libraries – when I heard that some overseas ones had access, I tried Geelong and bingo – straight in!


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