Vic BDMs – 1st July update

As most of us know, July 1st signals an increase in everything we pay to the government – fees, fines and everything else.

That is – everything EXCEPT Family History Uncertified Historical Images – they are the SAME PRICE as last financial year which was a REDUCTION of the price the previous year!

VIC Family History Uncertified Historical Images = $24.50.

And there have been no more reported cases of certificates order and paid for since the update after the June long weekend not being delivered – more good news for family history researchers.

Remember – if you have PAID for certificates before the update on the weekend 8-10 June and not received them, please Contact VAFHO using our Contact Us form and include details of your order: payment date, payment method, certificate type, name(s), registration number, year – details will be forwarded to the Registry.

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