Who can YOU find?

A huge amount of work has been done on the VAFHO web site – adding archive information, lists of events, lists of committees, and more importantly a heap of photos dating from 1999.

Now I need YOUR help – to identify people, societies, organisations – anyone and anything in our photos.  I can pick out lots of familiar faces in this photo – to make it easier you can download a PDF version that will allow you to zoom and put names to those faces!  Please mark faces with numbers that match the names you give me, and send it back!

We also need YOU to contribute photos that you might have that are relevant to our VAFHO archives.

PLEASE get in touch.  Also PLEASE share this blog / FB post with your Societies, members and others in our family history world.

And more importantly ENJOY our images.

I’d also appreciate any feedback / suggestions for our updated web site.  BUT, please remember that we’re doing this on a shoestring budget so we’re trying to limit our site to FREE WordPress Plugins.

We’ve got some exciting announcements for the new year and for our Member Societies, so perhaps now is a good time to look at the Benefits of Membership including the VERY low price for Societies to be a VAFHO Member.


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