How does a COW become a CAT?

Are you driving east to Sale?

If you are, and you have a little time to spare, here is a fun option.  There are long areas of roadworks between Traralgon and Sale, as they duplicate the Princes Highway.  Lots of going down to 80kph and even 40kph occasionally.  It is okay – but it does give you an excuse to use the alternative route.  And see the Cows in Cowwarr.

Here is how you do it.  Lots of locals go this way, and it is easy.  Add a little bit of traveling time if you are going to do stops.

As you leave Traralgon, at the top of the hill, there are traffic lights to turn left onto the C105 – the Traralgon to Maffra Road.  Off you go.

The road goes along the edge of Glengarry, but if you go into town, the Bakery is famous.

Then, as you approach Toongabbie, on the left is a CEMETERY.  Can any Genie resist a cemetery?  In Toongabbie, you can turn left at the store, and just down there is a rare two-storey wooden Mechanics’ Institute.  Beautifully restored.  But onwards! Cowwarr awaits!

As you near the town, you will spot the first cow, a purple one on the left.  Then, at the start of the town watch out for the Campbells Soup Can one on the right – and check out the incredible Butter Factory turned Gallery behind it.

Then, the cows are everywhere!  Even in the back streets.   At one house, there are cows and calves on the roof.  Drive carefully – you will not know what has hit you.  A few nice old original buildings too.

Then, it is time to leave Cowwarr.  The last cow is a rusty brown one with white polka dots, on the left, a fair way out.  Some fair distance after that, you come to a large roundabout.  Turn left, go down a little way, and turn right onto C491 – the Heyfield to Sale Road.

Then, just follow your nose – the road will bring you back onto the highway at Fulham, just as the roadworks end.  You are at Sale.

And you will have seen the Cows.  And if you don’t manage this trip on the way to Sale, why not enjoy it on your way home?

And how does a COW become a CAT?


And if you just can’t fit this wonderful detour into your schedule, how about some more cows?  Or why not have a good look at the cows in these photos and play SPOT THE COW!

And after all that fun come and visit us at the VAFHO Family History Expo for even more fun.  See you there!

Submitted by Linda Barraclough: exhibitor at the VAFHO Family History Expo, Sale, 21 April 2018.

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