Is your family in this book?

Perhaps your family is mentioned in the index or perhaps you are just wanting to research more about Walhalla – whatever your situation you will want to take advantage of a special offer at the VAFHO Family History Expo at Sale.

In Days of Gold: The Pioneers of old Walhalla was released last month (March).  It retails for $39.95 plus $15.00 postage – a total of $55.00.  At the Expo you can purchase your copy at the Wellington Shire Heritage Network / Gippsland Local History Books stand for only $35.00 – and of course there is no postage!

Only cash or cheques can be accepted on the day – there are no EFTPOS or Credit Card facilities – so make sure you come prepared and won’t be disappointed by missing out on the day.

You can even download and check the full index before you come to the Expo.

In Days of Gold gathers many very early documents and photographs of the town to provide an intriguing pictorial insight into the earliest days of this isolated goldfield.  It also enables a greater awareness of some of the other early characters who followed in the first explorers’ footsteps in the first ten years of settlement.  In their quest for riches, these individuals would ultimately not only help to lay the foundations of ‘just another’ mining town, but help it to significantly contribute to the prosperity and independence of the infant state of Victoria.

Not only does this 312 page book have an extensive index, all entries are sourced, many to the Walhalla Chronicle, which is not online.  In Days of Gold is a wonderful reference book for Walhalla.

Submitted by Linda Barraclough for Wellington Shire Heritage Network and Gippsland Local History Books : exhibitors at the VAFHO Family History Expo, Sale, 21 April 2018.

A percentage of takings on the day will be donated to VAFHO to assist with Expo expenses.


  1. I am wrong again! Greg tells me it s an even better bargain, as it is $15 postage!
    Thank you for this listing – it is a really good book.


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